Dishwashing scourers

Dishwashing scourer "ABSOLUTE CHAMPION"

Barcode: 4820236240096
A scourer made of polypropylene thread and foam rubber, dimensions 11 × 2 × 10 cm.

This kitchen scourer delicately cleans all types of surfaces and successfully fights even the most difficult dirt. It is suitable for Teflon. The shape and thickness of the sponge allows you to wade to hard-to-reach places of the dishes. For example, it is convenient to wash handles on pots, grills. Quickly forms a thick foam on contact with detergents. We should also mention its appearance. Under the artificial light of the kitchen countertop, it shimmers like a piece of jewelry. A variety of colors will allow you to choose a kitchen scourer for any color scheme of the kitchen interior. This scourer will always be a bright, shiny spot to delight the eye when looking at the work surface, unlike a shapeless dull handful of scraper or a dirty piece of foam rubber.

Dishwashing scourer "Hedgehog"

Barcode: 4820236240102
A scourer is made of polypropylene thread and foam rubber, dimensions 12 × 2 × 9 cm.

The jacquard of this kitchen scourer is formed by strong polyamide monofilament loops that overlap at an angle of 25"-30" to the surface of the product. They are very good at undermining burnt or sticky food debris from dishes and work surfaces. The basis of the product is a weave of polypropylene threads. Inside there is a foam insert for the formation of a thick foam.