Bath accessories from professor Maison is a new vector for the development of the bath industry

Safety when using

Polypropylene is considered the safest material. A dangerous dose of polypropylene degradation products for humans is two hours of inhalation when heated to 200 degrees. It is completely safe to use items made of polypropylene! !

Effective and safe scrubbing and rejuvenation

The best skin smoothing agent. It is possible to use without any other cosmetic products. The abrasive surface of the washcloth removes dead cells and evens out the relief. The skin perceives such exfoliation as an impetus for regeneration and begins to intensively produce collagen, which returns its elasticity and youth.

Even the most demanding and capricious users could find "their own product" with a wide range of colors, decor and degrees of hardness of Maison products!

Professor MAISON is the quality, beauty and aesthetics of everyday things!

Our products


Must have in every home! Multicolored, toothy or gentle - such a necessary skin care for every taste and budget!

Dishwashing scourers

Gentle to the hands, charming to the eye, ruthless to complex pollution! A new generation of accessories for washing dishes and cleaning any surface.


Laconic and noble colors, a game of overflows of artificial light in the bathroom, a velvety touch - no one would have thought of washcloths before - but all this Professor Maison embodied in the bathroom accessories Lux series.